How to play Plinko

Plinko is a relatively new gambling game where players, after placing a bet, launch a ball from the top of the playing field. As it falls, the ball lands in one of the winning cells. In our article, we will take a detailed look at the settings and features of this game.

How to play Plinko

Settings of the game

Plinko – is a game in which the key role is played by its setting and unlike other slot games significantly changes the concept of the game itself. The main ones are setting the number of paylines and the level of risk, otherwise known as setting the volatility of the game. Now we will examine each of them in detail:

Setting the number of lines – is a selection of the number of winning cells at the bottom of the slot that visually increases the size of the playing field. It also changes the maximum multiplier at the two extreme winning cells. In most versions of Plinko this setting has the ability to choose from 8 to 16 lines. When playing Plinko remember that the more lines you choose the less chance of maximum winnings.

Risk level setting – the setting allows you to control the volatility of the game and its potential wins. A high volatility level means that wins will be rare but large, while a low level gives more frequent wins but smaller amounts. We recommend that you approach this setting with caution especially for beginners, to avoid taking big risks early in the game.

Winning in Plinko happens when the multiplier of the corresponding cell in which the ball hits is 1x or higher. In this case, the player either returns his bet at a multiplier of 1x, or receives a profit proportional to the bet and the multiplier if it is higher than 1x.

Losing in Plinko means that the ball fell into a cell, the multiplier of which is less than 1x. In this case the player loses a part of his bet, according to the multiplier.

Differences between different Plinko versions

The game has several versions from popular gambling providers. Each version retains the basic concept of the game, introducing some features that can be expressed in the setting of the number of lines, maximum winnings and RTP, or simply in the graphics. Players choosing a particular version are based on their requirements for the settings or the visuals of the game, as well as on the versions offered at their chosen playground. Here are the basic settings at the three most popular providers of the Plinko game:

Number of lines8 – 168 – 1612 – 16
Max Multiplierx1000x1000x555
Risk levelsLow, medium, highLow, medium, highLow, medium, high

Tips for players

  • Familiarise yourself with the basics of the game – it is important to understand the basic rules and concepts of the game. Explore the different settings such as volatility level, number of lines and maximum winnings to better understand how they affect your game.
  • Plinko demo mode – use it to practice and familiarise yourself with the game without risking anything. This will help you get an idea of how the game works and how it reacts to different bets and strategies.
  • Choosing platforms for playing – Choose reliable and reputable platforms for playing Plinko. Make sure that the chosen platform has the appropriate licenses. Also, pay attention to the available bonuses and promotions, which can increase your bankroll.
  • Bankroll Management – One of the key aspects of gambling success is effective bankroll management. Determine how much you can afford to spend and do not exceed this limit. Spread your bankroll into smaller bets to increase the number of games you play and your chances of winning. Never try to win back after a loss, as this can lead to greater financial losses.

Choosing a Plinko strategy

The choice of strategy in Plinko is critical to increasing the chances of success and managing risk. It is important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy that guarantees success. However, using considered tactics allows you to better control the game and reduce the risks associated with it. Here are two strategies to consider when playing the game:

Progressive betting tactic

This tactic is to gradually increase your bets after each win and decrease them after a loss. For example, start with a low bet, and if you win, double the bet for the next round. If you lose, go back to your initial bet. This helps to control your bankroll and allows you to capitalise.

Fixed betting tactic

Here you choose a fixed amount to bet on each round, regardless of the outcome of the previous games. This could be, for example, 5% of your total bankroll. This strategy helps to avoid emotional decisions during the game and supports sustainable financial management.