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The popular gambling game Plinko has captured the attention of millions of players around the world thanks to its dynamism and simplicity. This slot has unique features and offers interesting settings, allowing each player to personalize the gameplay according to their preferences. It is one of the few gambling games where the player can independently choose volatility and chances of winning. Our experts have thoroughly studied Plinko, and we are ready to share our experience with you, tell you about the features of the game and effective strategies.


Plinko review

The Plinko casino game is based on the use of a game board with a triangular wall of pins. The essence of the game is as follows: the player, placing a bet, launches a ball from the top of the labyrinth. As it falls, the ball constantly changes its trajectory, bouncing off the pins. At the bottom of the game board, there are winning cells where the ball lands after traversing the entire path of the labyrinth. Each cell has its multiplier, based on which the player’s winnings are calculated. Many online casinos offer different versions of the Plinko game, each with its unique features. These features can manifest in graphics, settings, or the maximum size of the winnings.

Where to play Plinko for real money

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Slot characteristics

Slot NamePlinko
ProvidersBGaming, Stake, Spribe
Release Date2019
Min Bet$0.01
Max Bet>$1000
Max Multiplierx1000
Auto-play OptionYes

History of the Plinko game

The American television show “The Price Is Right” first introduced the game Plinko in 1983. Thanks to its simplicity and excitement, the game quickly gained popularity. Later, the game was adapted for the online format, which significantly increased its accessibility and recognition among an international audience, also contributing to the emergence of its gambling version.

It is worth noting that the original version of Plinko and its online variation have noticeable differences. In the original version of the game, players could choose where on the game board to drop the ball, developing their own strategies and tactics. In the gambling online version, this option is not available: balls are strictly launched from the center of the game field, making the game more dependent on luck than on the skills and abilities of the players. However, the online version also has its advantages. For instance, the gambling version offers detailed customization, allowing to change the size of the game field — a feature that the original version of the game does not have.

Unique features of Plinko gambling

Plinko offers two unique and useful features that might be underrated by some users, although they can significantly help and impact your gameplay.

Statistical Review

This feature allows players to view and analyze their previous games, providing information on the time of the bet, the size of the bet, the winning multiplier, and total profit.

The ability to analyze and improve one’s game is a significant advantage. Reviewing statistics also allows understanding the logic of the game’s algorithm, which, although based on random combinations, can be analyzed to develop a personal strategy.

Auto-play feature

Many players rarely use this useful feature, which provides extensive customization options — from automatic betting to bankroll management and selecting the bet size.

For example, in Plinko from Spribe, you can choose the number of rounds for automatic betting with settings ranging from 3 to 500 rounds. This gives players the opportunity to precisely track the number of rounds played and, if necessary, automatically pause the game.

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Expert opinion


Arthur Kartov

I am an analyst in the iGaming niche and an experienced Plinko player with over six years of experience in gambling.

I strongly recommend players pay attention to useful features in gambling games, as they can make the gameplay more meaningful and increase the potential for profitable play.

Comparison of different versions of Plinko online game

The game is presented in many versions from various popular gambling providers. We will consider three of the most popular variations of Plinko, analyzing their similarities and differences in detail.

Plinko Stake

This version of the game offers an intuitive interface, making it accessible even for beginners.

  • Graphics: The Stake version features minimalist graphics in the style of the casino itself. For some players, this can be an advantage.
  • Settings: There is an option to adjust the rows from 8 to 16. You can also choose the level of risk: low, medium, high. There is an auto-play function and the ability to view statistics.
  • Characteristics: The minimum winning cell has a multiplier of 0.2x, and the maximum – 1000x. The slot’s return to player (RTP) is 97-99%.

Stake also provides information about the chances of the ball falling into each of the winning cells. Let’s consider this using the example of a game setting with 16 rows and the highest level of risk. In such a configuration, at the bottom of the game field, there are 17 winning cells with 7 unique multipliers, ranging from 0.2x to 1000x.

The chance of landing in a winning cell:

  • 0.2x – от 19.6381% до 12.2192%
  • 2x – 6.6650%
  • 4x – 2.7771%
  • 9x – 0.8545%
  • 26x – 0.1831%
  • 130x – 0.0244%
  • 1000x – 0.0015%

Plinko Spribe

This version stands out with its unique design. The slot has three levels of cells in different colors, and instead of choosing the level of risk, the player selects the color of the ball to be launched.

  • Graphics: The game has a light blue background and three types of winning cells: green, orange, and red.
  • Settings: The range of line settings varies from 12 to 16. The risk level is selected by the color of the cells: green for low, orange for medium, red for high. There is an option for demo play.
  • Characteristics: The minimum multiplier is 0x, the maximum is 555x. The return to player (RTP) percentage is 97%.

Plinko BGaming

The developer describes its version of Plinko as “easy as pie,” ultimately offering players a unique and intuitive gaming experience.

  • Graphics: The updated game design uses a blue gradient smoothly transitioning into purple, and a prominently bright yellow-white Play button.
  • Settings: This version offers the ability to adjust game rows from 8 to 16, as well as the option to choose the risk level from low to high. The game has a demo mode and an auto-play function.
  • Characteristics: The payout range in cells is from 0.2x to 1000x. The developer-claimed RTP is 99%.
Plinko game

How to win at Plinko gambling

As with other gambling games, there is no guaranteed winning scheme in Plinko. However, our experts offer several recommendations that can help you approach the game more consciously and increase your chances of success:

Explore strategies

Before starting the game, we recommend familiarizing yourself with various strategies and approaches to the game. This will allow you to make an informed choice and find a strategy that suits you best.

Read reviews

Reviews from other players can be a source of valuable information and useful tips. Drawing from the personal experience of others, you can learn to avoid common mistakes and find out how to increase your chances of winning.

Take advantage of welcome bonuses

All the online casinos we recommend have their own welcome bonus programs for new players. You receive these bonuses either as additional funds to your first deposit or in the form of free spins.

Summary about playing Plinko in casinos

There is no doubt that the Plinko game is unique in its own way. Although the gambling version of the game emerged relatively recently, it quickly found a multitude of fans. Today, this slot is an integral classic of all online casinos. The main advantage of the game is its simplicity, which makes it stand out among other gambling games and allows beginners, unfamiliar with the world of gambling, to start playing immediately without the need to learn complex rules or strategies. The game is also suitable for experienced players as a way to take a break from conventional slots.

For those looking for a quick and exciting game, Plinko is a great choice. We wish you luck and remind you of the importance of using the strategies and features described on our site to increase your chances of success. We encourage responsible gaming and wish you luck!